SAJC Finish Post


Club: South Australian Jockey Club

Product: Folding Winning Post

Objectives: Develop a winning post that could be lowered between races to utilise the inner 'Parks' track, whilst maintaining uninterrupted views of the action.

The South Australian Jockey Club engaged Steriline to design and develop a winning post that could be lowered between races to enable two racing surfaces to be used in the one day.

Winning Post

Utilising Steriline's experience with design and engineering, a unique custom made finishing post was manufactured using hydraulics to lower and raise the large heavy structure as required.

With two tracks, the new finishing post technology provided uninterrupted views of the tracks. The original winning post was removed and a retractable ‘fold down’ sign erected, the design of which facilitates the use of digital advertising screens, providing Race Clubs with opportunities to maximise promotional advertising opportunities.

The process of either raising or lowering the entire finishing post is completed in approximatey 2 minutes, and is all done with just the push of a handle.



Steriline ... simply superior.