Gawler Boom Gates


Club: Gawler Jockey Club

Product: Boom Gates

Objectives: Provide a uniquely designed boom gate system that met all operational demands including those for safety and security

Boom Gates

In 2010 Steriline was approached by the Gawler Jockey Club to provide a secure access system into their racecourse that would control traffic flow and create a safe crossing for both horses and vehicles.

The new vehicle entrance into the racecourse crosses the path of where horses enter and exit the track. Therefore the Gawler Jockey Club required a safe and reliable system that would control the vehicle and horse traffic in a safe manner.

Steriline was able to incorporate two operating mechanisms into the newly designed heavy duty boom gates. A push button access system is utilised at the boom gate to control and allow traffic flow. There is also a main control panel installed in the security hut that overrides the push button system at the gate.

 Providing these two systems that work in conjuntion with each other enabled Steriline to provide the jockey club with a safe and easy to operate system that suited the needs for both horse movement and vehicle access.


 control box  control box


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