HJKC Platform

Hong Kong

Club: Hong Kong Jockey Club

Product: Steriline Customised Products

Objectives: Design and build a movable on-track presentation dais

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club requested a requirement for a movable platform, that could be readily moved on-track, and be used as a prestigious podium from which to present awards after feature races.

As users of Steriline starting gates, the HKJC perceived that there could be significant similarities between these and its required manoeuvrable presentation stage.

Both, for example, had to be moved without causing damage to track’s turf. Both needed to be moved on and off the track quickly. And both needed to fit through the available gate openings on the track and elsewhere.

Steriline received a brief to investigate a platform that:

  • Could accommodate 32 people.
  • Would not weigh more than 2 tonnes.
  • Would not cause damage to the turf track.
  • Could be moved into position in 5 minutes.
  • Could be equally moved away from position in 5 minutes.

After considerable research, Steriline developed the required presentation platform that is now seen at every major race at the Sha Tin Racecourse.

The presentation platform was also a feature equipment piece for the equestrian competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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