Sydney Tower


Club: Australian Jockey Club

Product: Observation Towers

Objectives: Provide a uniquely designed observation tower that met all operational demands including those for occupational health and safety

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In 2004 Steriline was approached by the Australian Jockey Club to investigate a replacement stewards tower for the famous ‘Candle Stick’ located past the winning post at the Royal Randwick Racecourse.

This old tower was an icon because of its unique shape and angle. However, the AJC, mindful of occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements, had decided that an upgrade was essential.

The brief for the new structure included the requirements that the tower should:

  • Present an aesthetically pleasing design, particularly for the large number of grandstand spectators who would be viewing its back.
  • Have a unique design to differentiate it from others on the track and to enable it to become a landmark that would attract its own colloquial nickname.
  • Accommodate a minimum of two stewards, and as many as four, in the lower cabin.
  • Accommodate one camera operator in the upper cabin.
  • Meet all relevant building codes.
  • Incorporate glass shutters which open to provide clear vision for photographers.
  • Be mindful that valuable camera equipment will need to be regularly carried up to and down from the top cabin.
  • Provide appropriate visibility of the racetrack for operators in both cabins.
  • Have a ‘footprint’ that recognised that horses and spectators may move behind it.
  • Provide the capacity to close off bottom access for security and safety reasons (eg to prevent unauthorised climbing by children, etc).

To meet this brief, Steriline engaged Adelaide Architects Swanbury Penglase who developed the design, and David Coombs and Associates as consulting engineers.

Steriline also liaised with all stake holders, including Sports Colour who are contracted to film from the Randwick towers each race day.

It was awarded the ASI Steel Award of Merit for South Australia in 2005.


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