Downward Hide Puller

When you need the fastest, easiest and safest hide puller to extract hide in the best possible condition, think Steriline Engineering. 

HPSteriline Engineering has been manufacturing downward hide pullers for almost 30 years. Our machines dominate the sector in Japan where we have 70% of the downward hide puller market.

In Australia Steriline dominate the market and our reputation for reliability, innovation and our CE certification has lead to our robust, hygienic machines being used in Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United States and Southern Africa.

Steriline maintains the highest standard of hygiene, with optional hand wash and steriliser basins, and our probe sterilizing unit, to ensure decontamination between each animal.
The Steriline Engineering hide puller also features adjustable stimulation probe positions to suit varying size animals.

Our latest level hide puller has evolved continuously from inception to the highly sophisticated machine that Steriline Engineering manufacture today. Safety Interlock Category 3 compliance is standard; safety upgrades include a locking safety gate for operator’s and assistant’s rise and fall platform and bump safety strips.

Gilde Meats (Nortura) in Norway, placed an order for this new style machine, after thoroughly researching the global market for the best downward hide pulling machine available.

Steriline manufactured a machine with the full safety compliance for Botswana Meat Commission, a plant which has been using the Steriline product since 1989.

The Steriline Engineering downward hide puller is compliant to Safety Interlock Category 3, in electrical and hydraulic systems. This feature enhances the safety of the rise and fall platforms as well as the winch drum rotational control.

The robust and highly efficient power pack consists of a 22kw electric motor, oil cooler and two separate load sensing pistons pumps.

This hydraulic system is designed to minimize energy consumption and heat generation, thus minimizing wear.

Features include proportional rise and fall control and drum rotation speed for smooth and safe operation as well as enhanced carcass and hide quality.


Steriline... Simply Superior.