Horse and Spectator Fencing

When you need specialist fencing...
Make the same choice as the Beijing Olympics and many prestigious clubs such as Royal Randwick and Flemington.
Steriline Racing...because we understand horse behaviour.

Superior Steriline horse and spectator fencing offers clubs a practical solution that:

  • Delivers maximum horse and rider safety
  • Provides excellent public safety without compromising access and visibility.
  • Underwrites risk management practices.
  • Positively contributes to the appearance and ambience of the area in which it's installed.

Horse and Spectator Fencing - Steriline Racing 

For the Hong Kong Jockey Club, for instance, a special fencing solution was needed for their hosting of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games equestrian events. This needed a new warm up and cool down bridle path for competing horses. Which, in turn, demanded fencing to guarantee the safety of both horses and the public. Steriline Racing was able to meet this requirement.

In Australia, as another example, highly specific fencing was part of the prestigious Flemington racectrack's substantial A$7 million upgrade in 2007. The specification was for highly customised fencing around the track's iconic 'Birdcage' saddling area. Stringent safety was a major component of the design brief. As was the need to separate horses and the public, while still maintaining the intimacy that has always been part of the Flemington magic...especially on Melbourne Cup days. Again the ideal product was provided by Steriline Racing.

Horse and Spectator Fencing - Steriline Racing

With these, and many other assignments, Steriline Racing believes that whereever fencing and horses are brought together, a special set of skills are needed.
Equine behavior cannot be catered for with 'off the rack' fencing or a product that is designed and manufactured without the relevant experience.
Steriline Racing has had 30 years experience in fencing solutions for the horse racing industry. Expertise has been enhanced through our close working relationship with horse psychologist Andrew McLean, from the Australian Equine Behavioural Centre.

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