Post & Rail Fencing

Duraline's unique qualities make our post and rail system safe, versatile and aesthetically pleasing…. the ideal choice for any environment.




Duraline's fencing system is manufactured with fully stabilised PVC-u formulation with impact modifiers, which provide incredible strength. The unique hollow oval profile allows the rail to flex upon impact without shattering.



Duraline post and rail systems have no external metal, screws or bolts, ensuring a safe environment. Unlike other rails it is designed without internal ribbing to avoid stress concentration, which can result in dangerous shattering.


Once installed the Duraline post and rail system requires no further labour or expense. The post and rail will continue to look as attractive as when installed, and will not peel, warp, rust, crack, rot or suffer termite damage as other fencing systems do.


Duraline's system is so versatile that it can be used in arenas, as temporary rails, and customised to suit your requirements. The revolutionary patented two-chamber post configuration allows for flexibility of installation, with permanent or temporary options available, allowing the product to be reused in multiple locations.


Gates are manufactured in a variety of sizes and styles to match the fencing systems, to allow for pedestrian or vehicle access.

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Duraline.... boundaries without limits.