Duraline Fencing System

Duraline is the market leading, high performance PVCu fencing system. 

  Crowd barrier with mesh infill at Ascot


Duraline's fencing system is manufactured with fully stabilised PVC-u formulation with impact modifiers, which provide incredible strength.


Ultraviolet inhibitors protect the PVC-u from the sun. Duraline fencing will not warp, split, peel, crack, break, become brittle or splinter.



The physical characteristics of PVC-u, the construction and the smooth rounded surfaces and concealed fixings of the system make Duraline fencing exceptionally safe. 

Easy to install

With Duraline's patented, award winning design, installation could not be simpler.

Maintenance Free

Once installed the investment is complete.  Nails, paint, rotting posts, bent rails, become a thing of the past 


Duraline's fencing system is fully recyclable  

It is these distinct characteristics that make Duraline the ideal solution for the broadest application.

Duraline fencing systems the market leader for fencing solutions.

Duraline ChantillyDuraline Doomben

Chantilly, France

Brisbane, Australia

Duraline ... boundaries without limits.