Custom Products

When you need something unique, different or especially customised … think Steriline Engineering.

Fold down winning post - MorphettvilleWorking closely with our customers helps us tailor each of our major products to meet individual specifications and requirements.

It also means we are regularly asked for help in creating highly customised equipment.

Here, we draw on our design, engineering and manufacturing experience to produce solutions that fully meet specification. Some of the most sucessful custom designs include Fold down signage, mobile presentation platforms, and many other custom designs, if you need it we can build it.

Steriline has designed and manufactured a number of custom products for our prestigious clients all around the world. From developing specialised heavy duty boom gates, to custom designing fencing for Flemington, in all cases, we believe customisation is an important part of customer service and demonstrates our ‘can do’ approach.

Carry All  

Steriline custom designed carry all security cage, for those things you need to transport, but keep secure. The design allows for easy storage and transportation of equipment, whilst maintaining security of the products.

presentation platform

Steriline designed and manufactured a mobile presentation platform to enhance award ceremonies. The Presentation Platform provides an easy to move, professional podium so you can present awards anywhere.Stability is a key feature of the podium, ensuring 32 people can be accommodated realiably.

When you need something unique, different or especially customised … think Steriline.

Steriline ... simply unique.