Boom Gates

When you need a barrier that is robust and strong, consider Steriline's unique style heavy duty boom gate.

boom gate closed 

Steriline has reseached and developed this unique style of heavy duty boom gate. For when you need a strong and realiable solution for security access to your areas, this heavy duty boom gate offers higher security and control for all vehicles.

With simple one step activation, our heavy duty boom gate offers ready access to areas with minimum time and effort.  Lateral opening action of the boom gate minimises physical interference, in comparison with regular horizontal opening gates.

Steriline heavy duty boom gates also offer a range of activation options, from one touch push button, to encoded security card, our heavy duty boom gate can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Our encoded security card option safeguards your area by restricting access to areas for authorised personnel and vehicles.

Steriline heavy duty boom gates are fitted with our safety sensor system to ensure retraction of the heavy duty boom, should any obstruction be present during the closing phase.

 boom gate open boom gate operation

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